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Instander APK v17.2 Download Official for Android 2023

Instander APK Download Latest Version for Android 2023. Instander Allows us to Download Videos, Photos, IGTV and Reels in High Quality.

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    Instagram enthusiasts may go on a journey with Instander APK that allows them to do anything they desire. You can access the functions that have been missing from the official Instagram app thanks to this app. You may use for virtual business as well as to use it as a social media tool. Like Instagram Pro Apk, which you may refer to as GBInsta or Instagram pro, GBWhatsApp is an upgraded version of the original WhatsApp application. This application links you to your family and loved ones even if they have located far away, similar to other social networking platforms. The Instander appears to be the perfect app replacement for Instagram since, like numerous other social media platforms, it lacks just a few small user-experience aspects. As a result, developers often create their own satisfying versions of these applications.

    What is Instander APK?

    The Instander APK is a unique Instamod crafted specifically for Android users who seek enhanced features on Instagram. This app serves as a stellar alternative to the standard Instagram app, offering users an avenue to their Instagram accounts along with a slew of advanced features not found in the official version. Crafted by developer Dmitry Gavrilov, known as thedise, he ensured that this app is not only user-friendly but also extremely secure. Users can enjoy a superior browsing experience, with peace of mind knowing that the app is fortified with top-notch anti-ban measures, minimizing the risk of any account penalties for using modded versions.


    You may browse through any material, watch videos, and view the profile pictures of unidentified users with the Instander app. You’ve come to the best location if you enjoy using Instagram on your Android smartphone with all of these high-end features. You may easily download all of the file formats from your Instander profile with this application. While installing the app is so simple, you are not required to grant any authorization. There are no restrictions regarding the amount of your preferred stuff you may save, share, or upload.  With its excellent capabilities, this application permits you to expand your Instagram account further. You may now use Instagram’s advanced capabilities, including image manipulation, gaining extra followers, engagement analytics, scheduling posts, and many others.

    Instander APK Download for Android

    You may download photographs in high-resolution format or in their original quality, nevertheless, by turning on the “Photos in max quality” option, which often disables this limitation. Compared to the Instagram app’s original design, upload your stories and photographs with better visuals. Finally, you are free to upload any material you like as long as it complies with the rules and regulations of the app, you may take pleasure in generating your postings and leave it up to the select few to enjoy seeing them.

    Version Info

    Size60 MB
    CPU architectureARM64-v8a
    Updated on1 Hour Ago

    Features of Instander APK

    Close Friend List

    You may choose a small group of close friends from your following list and share your tale with them exclusively by using the Instander APK. Anytime you choose, you may make changes by adding or deleting friends from this list; neither way will they be informed. The photographs and videos that you share with the people on this list typically have a unique label that sets them apart from other shared assets. At times, I like to share certain posts or stories exclusively with a select group, perhaps because they contain inside jokes that only those individuals would appreciate.

    Alternative App:

    Instagram Pro

    I’m sure many of you have your own reasons for doing the same. With the Instander APK, it’s simple to curate a list of “close friends” from your followers, ensuring your stories reach only them. Feel free to tweak this list, adding or removing individuals as you see fit. Best part? They’ll never know they’ve been added or removed. Content shared with this circle comes with a unique label, differentiating it from your usual posts. While these chosen friends can see they’re part of an exclusive share, they won’t have visibility into who else is on the list – that’s a secret only you have access to.

    No Advertisement

    You may use this application to view Instagram pictures and clips without being interrupted by intrusive or annoying advertisements. With its slick and intuitive UI, this ad-free application will amuse you. Occasionally, as you scroll through your Instagram timeline, you might come across unavoidable sponsored ads. These can be in the form of videos or images, consuming your data just like regular videos. However, with the Instander app on your Android device, you can enjoy a feed without these interruptions. Simply navigate to the privacy settings to disable these ads.

    Auto HD Quality

    When deciding between high-resolution and standard-quality videos, your internet connection speed is a key factor. Anyhow, there won’t be any top or bottom black bars because these films will be adjusted to fit your screen. With the help of this app’s automatic HD Quality function, everything will be done.

    The Instander app offers enhanced quality for various Instagram components including:

    • IGTV resolution
    • Picture clarity
    • Reels sharpness
    • Story definition

    Instagram typically compresses images based on screen width, which can diminish their clarity. Yet, with Instander’s ‘Max Quality Photos’ feature, you can bypass this limitation, allowing for viewing in pristine or original resolution. Share your stories and pictures with a visual quality that surpasses what the standard Instagram app provides.

    A Lot of Filters

    You may apply a variety of filters to your Instagram pictures with this program. There are several filters here, including Vintage and Black & White. When creating reels and videos for your Instagram account, you may add these filters. Your generated reels and films will become more appealing and improved thanks to these filters. It’s often the subtle enhancements that make a difference. For instance, the ability to experience Instagram stories in a full-screen mode can be pivotal for many. The Instander app also offers functionalities such as an integrated browser for seamless link navigation, auto-play video options (which can be toggled off to conserve data), friend suggestions, concealing posts you’ve liked, and the option to trim stories. Each of these can be adjusted as per the user’s preference.

    Hide Stories from the List

    Sometimes, I have a tendency to keep my tales hidden from certain users. I do not even think I can manage my uploaded content responsibly out of respect for their privacy and to avoid undesirable spammers. With the Instander app, you can choose which particular individuals may see any photographs or videos you want to share on your stories, including live videos. To safeguard my privacy and deter curious onlookers, I sometimes shield my stories from individuals who might misinterpret my content. The Instander app empowers users to selectively conceal photos, videos, and even live broadcasts from chosen individuals. This way, as long as you’re adhering to the app’s guidelines, you can share content freely, ensuring only a select audience can access it.

    Remove Watermark

    Watermarks on your Instagram videos and photos may be removed with this application. These films and photographs’ logos can be deleted, which will protect you from copyright issues. An alert will be sent to you by this app if a stranger starts following you. If someone stops following you on Instagram, you’ll be notified. You may always browse someone’s profile to see who has previously followed him and who hasn’t. Instander offers a nifty feature for avid content viewers and creators: the ability to remove watermarks. Watermarks, typically present on reposted or shared content, can sometimes be distracting or reduce the perceived value of content. With Instander’s watermark removal tool, users can enjoy a cleaner viewing experience or share content that appears more authentic and unbranded, all while maintaining respect for original creators and copyright considerations.

    Wide Search Content

    The fun will not really end there, though, as IGTV allows you to search for and watch emerging and famous videos on the platform. Watch the fascinating videos of your favorite celebrity here and follow them on the app. In addition to the IGTV videos, you can access a broad range of material in the search area, including DIY videos, travel-related videos, food-related videos, art, fashion, and TV & movie content. Everyone can learn a few things they had never idea was possible and can find something new. The excitement continues with IGTV, a platform where you can explore trending and widely-viewed videos across the network. Connect with beloved celebrities and immerse yourself in their captivating content. Beyond IGTV, the search section unveils a vast array of content spanning from DIY tutorials, globetrotting adventures, mouthwatering food visuals, art showcases, fashion insights, and snippets from TV & movies. Dive in, and you’re bound to stumble upon new interests and unexpected revelations.

    Analytics and Crash Reports

    The user has the option to turn off analytics under the security setting, which stops data collected from your in-app activities from being analyzed. By enabling the app to analyze your activities, you may even choose to turn this on if you want to provide a more individualized user-based experience. Last but not least, you have the ability to choose to send crash reports each time the app crashes so that the developers may work on enhancing the services or removing a specific defect that may be the cause of the numerous crash reports. Within the privacy settings, users have the choice to turn off analytics, ensuring that data from their in-app actions remains unexamined. For those keen on a tailored user experience, they can enable this feature, permitting the app to study their behavior. Moreover, if the app encounters issues, users can choose to forward crash reports, aiding developers in pinpointing and rectifying potential glitches or bugs that might be causing disruptions.

    Ghost Mode

    There are a few options you may adjust under the “Ghost Mode” function if you want to appear a little mysterious to your followers. Here, you may turn off the typing status, you can hide your presence from others’ stories, you can read someone’s message without showing a mark as read on these messages. If you fancy adding an element of surprise or discretion in your interactions, the ‘Ghost Mode’ feature has got you covered. With this, you can cloak your typing status, ensuring the recipient remains unaware of your message composition—a handy tool for those cautious, edge-of-the-seat messages.

    Furthermore, if you enjoy perusing stories without leaving a trace, the Instander app is your go-to. It lets you remain incognito, allowing you to view stories without notifying the poster of your viewership—even if the story was tailor-made for your eyes. Lastly, for those who need a moment before responding or simply don’t want to seem dismissive by not replying immediately, the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ option is a lifesaver. This ensures you can read a direct message without notifying the sender of having done so.

    Dp Downloader

    You may, however, see and save any person’s Display Profile Photo in High Resolution with the Instander App. To see a photo in high quality or to save it to your cell phone camera photo album, just tap and hold the image once more. One of Instander APK Download’s outstanding privacy features is the ability to lock Instagram and hide the narrative display and composition statuses. Using Instander makes it simpler to maintain your Instagram account in an anonymous manner.

    I have an undeniable soft spot for uproarious vines, and Instagram is my primary source for such content. While the platform quenches my thirst for memes and vines, the quest to save them to my device often proves fleeting. Resorting to third-party downloaders might seem promising at first, but their intrusive ads and bloating storage footprint quickly sour the experience.

    Enter Instander APK: not only does it streamline the process of saving images and videos directly to your device, but it also offers the freedom to uninstall the original app, thereby conserving precious storage space.

    Read Different Stories

    Stories and uploads on Instagram are never visible to other followers and are always kept completely confidential. However, all restrictions are entirely removed from this most current alternative edition. Access to endless amounts of information and films is appreciated even by users. The standard application version can only be installed on unrooted devices. However, let’s discuss the upgraded application that we are now providing. After that, it may be installed on devices that are rooted and those that are not. Should you find yourself running low on storage, this feature comes to the rescue. Additionally, this serves as a privacy shield.

    Share Videos and Content

    If you prefer watching entertainment-related content, Instander Apk is something you’ll surely enjoy. Because of the updated version of the official app, Android users will be able to watch Videos and Content without ever being subject to any limitations. The ability to download free movies and photographs is also available to users. I’m generally okay with followers sharing my feed posts and IGTV videos on their stories. But, of course, there are exceptions. That’s where the splendid feature of Instander APK comes in handy. Activating this ensures that others can’t reshare your feed content to their stories. The same discretion extends to forwarding photos and videos from your story as direct messages. And the beauty? You have the flexibility to switch this feature on or off at your whim.

    Quality Improvements

    You may enhance the quality of numerous Instagram files with this Instander tool, such as: Reels and photos from IGTV that are of high quality. Images on Instagram are known to be compressed for screen width, which lowers image quality. Instander has carved a niche for itself by emphasizing superior quality. Unlike the default settings on many platforms, Instander ensures that content, whether it’s images or videos, is presented in its highest possible resolution. This focus on quality enhances the user experience, making visuals more vivid and content more immersive. For those who prioritize clarity and detail, Instander is a game-changer in the realm of social media platforms.

    Smart Gestures

    Even if they might not appear as significant as they could seem, gestures are often a crucial element that helps separate certain platforms from one another. With the Instander app, you can slide left or right to switch between pages, long-press a picture to expand it, and double-press a picture to rate it. While they might appear subtle, nuances like gestures often play a crucial role in setting one platform apart from another. With the Instander app, navigation becomes intuitive—swipe left or right to move between pages, long-press to zoom into a picture, or simply double-tap to express your appreciation for a photo.

    Additional Features

    A few significant additions are also included in the revised version. There are several functions among them, like Night Mode, Quick Hide, Screenshotting, Protection Lock, Copy Anybody Else’s Bio, and many more. You should be aware that Insta-Pro Apk takes safety and confidentiality very seriously.

    Instander APK Key Features

    The Instander APK differs significantly from the original Instagram app in terms of functionality with these key features. The list of them is below.

    • You may alter the layout and get HD effects and filters with this application. 
    • By adding words, effects, and borders to your videos and photos, you can instantly share them to your Instagram account.
    • Utilizing the private messaging function of this application, you may talk to your friends. 
    • Instead of wasting more time jumping among pages and screens, you may now follow a large number of accounts with just a one click.
    • Using the improved search feature of this software, you may locate your preferred personality account. It is simple to locate your favorite accounts, movies, and images. 
    • You may include your movies and photographs using this application in accordance with your preferences. 
    • Together with your family members, you may have private conversations.
    • Before uploading to Instagram, you may add background music, face effects, and stickers to your videos and images.
    • As of right now, you may look at the Instander profiles of your personal heroes.
    • With the use of this application, you may read messages, watch movies, and even create tales from other people’s profiles without letting them know.
    • With the help of this application, you may modify your Instagram account’s themes and do other tasks.
    • To view your Instagram stories and videos, you may choose from among your followers.  

    How to Download Instander APK?

    It is possible to download this app if you follow the instructions below.

    • Our website page provides the download link for Instander APK, not any other non-official site. Please use Google Chrome to download it.
    • You will receive the Apk file for this app on your Android mobile device after clicking the download link and waiting for it to Instander download.

    How to Install Instander APK?

    You can install this app by following these instructions.

    • For the installation of third-party apps, you must enable unknown sources in your security settings.
    • The downloads folder can be found in your file manager after enabling unknown sources.
    • By tapping on the Instander APK file, you will see a menu with installation options for the app. You can install this application by clicking on the install button. You can now use Instander on Android.


    Is it safe to use the Instander APK?

    Yes, using the Instander Apk is secure.

    Is this App Need an Internet Connection?

    Yes, this app does indeed require an internet connection.

    Is this App Free to Use?

    Yes, using this Instander is completely free. Without having to pay, you may use this application.

    Is this App Ads-Free?

    The Instander app does not include advertisements.

    Does the App Require a Subscription?

    The use of this application never requires a subscription.

    Does the App Require Registration?

    In order to use the application, we are offering here, registration is required.

    Final Verdicts

    Multimedia content, like a movie or photograph posted on Instagram, cannot be downloaded without a downloader, did you know that? Or how can you avoid detection by abandoning your visibility on some other people’s tales and posts? Or even how obtaining a verification badge requires going through a stretched, laborious process and traveling across your Network life? Well, these are just a few of the problems that users of the original Instagram app frequently encounter, along with many more. This Instagram modification called Instander APK has been created for Mobile phones to provide Instagram users have access to more useful features that can aid with the aforementioned problems. As an alternative to the default Instagram app, this app enables you to access your Instagram profile through its platform. In exchange, you receive the most incredible social experience possible thanks to the unique features that may be obtained through the official app.